About Us


DreamSaver – superior protection for your most irreplaceable and priceless belongings and treasures:

People everyday lose cherished possessions to fires, floods, hurricanes, firefighters’ water, busted pipes, tornadoes, and other destructive forces.

Superior to fire proof safes, we provide advanced heat protection for Pictures & Picture Albums; Scrapbooks; Generational family treasures; Wedding albums & videos; Grandmother’s hand made quilt; Child’s first paintings; Uncle’s military burial flag, Digital media – CD’s, DVD’s, back up disks.

Based onsite at NASA’s Johnson Space Center, our team includes a five time veteran astronaut as Co-Founder, former President of Igloo as CEO, and a team of leading space industry engineers.

DreamSaver is your best chance to protect your generational possessions – just in case.

Are you feeling lucky….?